Castle Hill Baptist Church is served by a ministry team. From time to time, when particular giftedness is recognised the Church invites young members of the congregation to undertake a Ministry Traineeship. The Church also provides ministry opportunities for students attending Bible College who expect to move on to full-time Christian Ministry.

The structure of the leadership team is as follows:

Senior Pastor – Overall responsibility for the ministry team and shepherding the CHBC congregation. Particular responsibilities in the area of pastoral care and setting the agenda for teaching and preaching within CHBC.
Associate Pastor – Shares the load of the Senior Pastor’s responsibilities and, based on giftedness, assumes other particular responsibilities.
Youth Pastor – Responsible for the oversight of youth ministry at CHBC including the equipping and training of leaders. Also active in the preaching ministry of CHBC.
Children’s Worker – Responsible for the oversight of ministry to children from the ages of birth to the end of primary school.
Young Families’ Worker – Responsible for the oversight of ministry to young families
Elders – CHBC has an Eldership responsible for the spiritual oversight of the Church. The Eldership is comprised of the pastors and other Elders elected from the Church membership.
Diaconate –The Diaconate, also elected from the Church membership, has responsibility for the practical ministries of the Church.


Senior Pastor – Pastor Ian Deane joined the pastoral team at CHBC early in 2008. Pastor Ian is a gifted preacher/teacher whose passion is to see the CHBC fellowship grow in maturity and godliness to the glory of God. Pastor Ian and his wife, Janice, have two sons.
Associate Pastor – Currently vacant
Youth Pastor – Currently Vacant
Children’s Work - Kathy West (October 2010).
Young Families’ Worker – Linda Iredale (January 2015)


Castle Hill Baptist Church is affiliated with the Association of Baptist Churches of New South Wales & the Australian Capital Territory.