Bible Care Groups (Small Groups)

Bible Care Groups (BCGs) are small groups that meet together on a regular basis to for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. BCGs also provide a framework for pastoral care. Everyone who is regularly involved in the life of Castle Hill Baptist Church is strongly encouraged to become a member of a BCG. 70-80% of adults in the fellowship are in a BCG.

BCGs do not have a prescribed size. Group membership ranges from around 8 to 15 people. BCGs tend to form around people of similar age and circumstances. Groups operate with considerable autonomy. BCGs choose their Bible study material and the time and frequency of their meetings. Studies are usually topical or a systematic study of a book of the Bible. In most instances, BCGs meet on a weekly basis in private homes.

BCGs provide an excellent opportunity for people new to the Church to rapidly develop connections and relationships within the Church.

Anyone may join a BCG by making contact with the Church Office.