Men’s Ministry

The goal of Men’s Ministry is for all men to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and to provide opportunities to respond to Him. We also seek to encourage men to lead Godly lives. During the course of the year, a range of men’s dinners and breakfasts are held that allow men to meet together to share a meal, talk and listen to a good speaker. Each occasion provides an ideal opportunity for men to invite friends, neighbours and work colleagues to attend.

An encouraging dimension of Men’s Ministry is the consistent participation of men of every age from teenagers to seniors.

From time to time Men’s Ministry events, like Blokes Church, are held away from the Church property in local venues such as Sports Clubs.

Each year the men of CHBC are encouraged to get together and attend the Katoomba Men’s Convention held in February/March.

“BLOKES” meet at 10am every Wednesday for coffee and a chat and a local café.