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628 Fundraiser

Thank you to all who contributed to our 628 Sunday School Fundraiser on Sunday. Praise God for the amount already raised - and as people have asked if they are still able to contribute this week, I will leave the door open for more donations until further notice.

For those who asked for Helmers story again:

Helmer and The Transforming Lives Center for Kids

Helmer is a young Guatemalan Christian who works with the chronically poor children of Santiago Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. He runs a program on weekday afternoons for the children from this small town. They hear about Jesus, play in a safe space he rents, get help with their schoolwork and and are also served fruit snacks 2 afternoons a week and a meal on Saturdays. For many children, it is the only food they eat that hasn't been pulled out of the garbage that is dumped around their town. For all of them, it is the only fruit they ever eat.

Helmer is a young man who knows from personal experience that children living in these types of conditions (begging on the streets, without families or a future, malnourished and living in extreme poverty) are easy targets for gangs and criminal groups. This ministry began in 2013 when Helmer shared a meal with children at 3 of the town dumps. He took food to the kids for a year (125 meals/month), and as a result the children began to look for Helmer and his helpers. Helmer then looked for a place to rent to enable him to better help the children and so established the Transforming Lives Centre for Kids. Although he operates on a shoestring budget, they now have 300 children coming through their doors each month.

The centre also aims to teach the children handicrafts and so give them tools to earn money honestly. 45 children are helped each year with school supplies and volunteers come in the afternoons to assist with homework and preparation for tests. The centre provides a family for the children where they belong and feel loved. The love of God is very evident.

Recently, the church that supports the children's ministry was destroyed by fire. Helmer advises that the pastor is planning to rebuild it at the end of the year. They desperately need to get the children's area back in place again so that this important work can continue.

For your information the cost of living in Guatemala is 42.60% lower than in Australia. A kilo of apples costs approx $2.40, the average month salary (after tax) is $682

English Conversation Class

English Conversation Classes are held each Thursday during school terms from 10:00am to 12:00noon.

Cost $10 per term to cover materials. Please phone the church office if you have any questions.

Classes begin again on Thursday 3rd May 2018