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Title Scripture Date Series
The Word of Christ in the Life of the Church Colossians 2:20-3:17 11 November 2018
The Unwasted Life Ecclesiastes 4:1-27 02 July 2017 1 Timothy
Today, if You Hear His Voice - What the book of Hebrews teaches us about how to hear (and speak) God's word Hebrews 18 August 2016 1 Timothy
Red Letter Christians? - What Gospels teach us about reading the whole Bible Hebrews 11 August 2016 1 Timothy
A Pathway into the Holy Scripture - How praying the Psalms teaches you to read the Bible Hebrews 04 August 2016 1 Timothy
A Commissioning for a Pastor John 21:15-25 12 June 2016 1 Timothy
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